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Image by Timothy Dykes
Image by Rachael Ren
Image by Илья Мельниченко



An adult science-fantasy novel complete at 103,000 words that combines the mind-bending wonder of THE SPACE BETWEEN WORLDS with the epic adventure of THE SHADOW OF THE GODS.

When demon in-hiding Max and her village are captured by the ruthless Prophet of the Valley, she must return to the life she once abandoned to defeat him. Except, the gods who gave Max her power are really an advanced race experimenting on her world, and they're determined to see the prophet succeed. To free her people, Max will have to find a power even beyond that of the gods, and expose the reality-breaking secrets threatening her world. 



A near future multi-pov adult science fiction novel ​with a spin first contact stories.

When Rory finds herself kneeling outside of a space pod in the Nevada desert, she knows only one thing. This world is not her home. Unable to explain to the US military how and why she came to Earth, Rory submits herself to a life of experimentation by the government. After fourteen years, she's managed to build a life for herself on this foreign world, especially with the help of her husband.

Until one night when memories begin to spark, and Rory remembers not only the life and family she'd been forced to leave behind on her home planet, but also those who will soon come to earth. Torn between two lives and two worlds, Rory must decide who she wants to be, and just whose side she's on.

Image by Ciaran O'Brien
Image by Daniel Olah



A dual POV, adult tech-noir novel reminiscent of KILLING EVE, with a world that will draw readers of THE EXPANSE and MIDNIGHT, WATER CITY.

Two centuries into a thousand year journey to colonize a habitable planet, everyone born aboard the United Fleet knows they will die abord it, just as their children will after them. Detective Remi doesn't care about that or the movement to turn back for earth. She just wants to find the kidnapped sister of a newly minted senator. But suspect Harlowe has sacrificed everything for the right for her generation to determine their own path. As Remi chases Harlowe across the sprawling fleet of generation ships, the two stumble into a dark conspiracy, one they won't walk away from alive without working together.

Image by Tengyart
Image by Levi Meir Clancy



An adult, multiple POV post-apocalyptic novel complete at 125,000 words that will appeal to fans of THE POPPY WAR and DUNE.

The death of the uprising is inevitable, but there's a fate worse than losing the war.

Zayne Riven, the emperor's protégé, must cross enemy lines to join with a rebel soldier and a royal spy to thwart the emperor's plans for total domination. The three can agree on little, only that in the dying days of the rebellion, they must preserve the embers of revolution for the next generation.

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