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Eclipse: Quantum Demon

Reincarnated as a Quantum Demon:

Max's quantum powers were sealed by an unbreakable curse after she discovered the gods and her world are not what they seem. But Max refuses to accept defeat. When the gods help her enemies capture her village, Max escapes to the Mountain of the Gods, where she must make the treacherous journey to her old home. There she plans to not simply reclaim her power, but to steal her world back from the gods' greedy clutches.

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Rory emerges from a space pod in the Nevada desert with no memories, and only one certainty–this world is not her home.

Rejecting life as the military's lab rat, she strives for independence, until her memories suddenly return. A threat looms over Earth, one that has already ravaged her home planet. Torn between two worlds and two lives, Rory must decide which side she's really on, and who she's fighting for.

Image by Tengyart
Image by Levi Meir Clancy



An adult multi-pov dystopian novel complete at 125,000 words that features the political intrigue of THE POPPY WAR with the social themes of novels such as DUNE.

Sergeant Zayne Riven was born to take his father's place as the right-hand-man to the emperor, but he's secretly been fighting for the rebellion from within the regime. Only, in the dying days of the uprising, a religious group called the Followers attempt a latch-ditch effort to keep the embers of rebellion alive by allying their churches with rebel forces.


When Zayne is given charge of an innocent Follower the emperor has used to blackmail the churches, he struggles to keep his cover while protecting her and juggling the conflicting sides of the war. He turns to an enemy freedom fighter and a spy for help, but he knows he cannot save all those he set out to fight for. And he wonders if he has been battling in the war the wrong way all along.

Image by Ciaran O'Brien
Image by Daniel Olah



A dual POV, adult tech-noir novel reminiscent of KILLING EVE, with a world that will draw readers of THE EXPANSE and MIDNIGHT, WATER CITY.

Two centuries into a thousand year journey to colonize a habitable planet, everyone born aboard the United Fleet knows they will die aboard it, just as their children will after them. Detective Remi doesn't care about that or the movement to turn back for earth. She just wants to find the kidnapped sister of a newly minted senator. But suspect Harlowe has sacrificed everything for the right for her generation to determine their own path. As Remi chases Harlowe across the sprawling fleet of generation ships, the two stumble into a dark conspiracy, one they won't walk away from alive without working together.

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