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Speculative Fiction

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any.”
― Alice Walker




The Role of White Writers in Diverse Literature



I am a writer, a middle school teacher, and a lifelong learner. As a child, reading and writing fiction took me on journeys through rich worlds of discovery, teaching me empathy and love along the way, and offering more than a little healing for the scrapes and bruises that come with growing up. Writing lit a fire in me to take action and seek a better appreciation and understanding of others. I earned degrees in Intercultural Studies and Religious Studies and returned to the classroom for my MAED in special education to help empower students with what I had learned. I can think of no better way to impact the future than to spend my life honing my skills as a writer and teacher. After all, fiction is one of education's greatest tools.

I write character-driven speculative fiction with a focus on social themes.